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PACKAGE NB & S (0-6kg)
Bosomi NB10pcs RM5.00
Mama S10pcs RM5.50
Bosomi S10pcs RM5.00
Total: RM15.50 only

TRIAL PACK S (3-6kg)
Bosomi S10pcs RM5.00
Mama S10pcs RM5.50
Total: RM10.50 only

PACKAGE M (6-10kg)
Bosomi M10pcs RM5.50
Mama M10pcs rm5.50
Total: RM11.00 only

PACKAGE L (9-13kg)
Bosomi L10pcs RM6.00
Bosomi Pull-up Pants L5pcs RM4.50
Total: RM10.50 only

PACKAGE XL (12-15kg)
Bosomi XLpcs RM6.50
Mama XL10pcs RM6.50
Bosomi Pull up pants XL4pcs rm4.50
Total: RM17.50 only

Dryplus XXL16pcs RM15.00
free Women Pantiliner from France Rm3.50
Total: RM15.00 only

for postage, please add rm10 for peninsular malaysia,
except Terengganu & Kelantan please add rm12.

**freegift while stocks available

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Come & pick up your stock!!

Come n pick up before Year End Sale is over this 

11th January 2014!!

submit booking & appointment ya mommies 

is here! You can come by & pick up yourselves!
Taman Melati, Setapak - near LRT Putra Gombak. 
Make a U-turn at the traffic light to LRT Putra Gombak if u're from MRR2. 
Store beside workshop Stone Motor Trading, by the main road.

kindly reminder:
Bermula 2013 araa tidak lagi membuat delivery, sebaliknya mengalu2kan cust utk pick up stock sdr.. Kami menyediakan servis courier yg sama caj spt delivery sblm ini. 1day delivery courier.

*zoom in for better view

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