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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cutest Baby in Diapers - sample photo

This is a sample of the photo entry for the contest.

Name of child: Nur Aira Camila, 3years, 15kg
Wearing: Toujour XL from Araa diapers
Mother's FB: Sara Saary, Setapak, KL
Speech to voters: ____________
Slogan: Saya suka membeli diapers Toujour kerana ________

Hurry! Snap snap snap and sent the cutest photos to us and be the running to win!!
There's prizes for baby & mama too.

You can:
a) send us your picture to
b) if you have a Facebook account you can upload your picture into our FB.

Whatever way you choose to participate, please make sure you just send or upload one (1) picture and don’t forget to provide us with following information:
+Name of child, age & weight
+Mother's FB name
+Speech to voters: ____________
+Slogan: Saya suka membeli diapers _______ kerana ________

3 winners of most voted to grab diapers stocks from Araa Imported Baby Diapers
- Europe grade A / Maman / Dryplus grade A
- Baby toiletraies
- Hijabs from Cantik Hijab's Online Boutique
- 20% voucher from Coin Laundry Online Boutique


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